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Today, the food and beverage industry has updated itself with the modern lifestyle of the huge population in this present world. This business has become more health-conscious, cost-efficient, energy-efficient so that it can beat the other competitors with more reliability. The suppliers of these food products always take additional care about the ingredients they are using, the processing method, distribution, and consumption. Following the consumers’ demand, the food and beverage companies always try to deliver its products as soon as possible. You can be assured about it through the Food and beverage B2B News certainly.


The Food and Beverage Industry is one of the prime industries in the world. This large and diverse industry is continuously updating itself and trying its best to make it innovative. The industry always tries to offer the best products to its clients at the best possible rate and so, they follow new production techniques and upgraded equipment in every step to make and supply its products. Food and beverage B2B News is a good source to know about these matters in detail.


The food and beverage service takes a significant role in the hospitality industry as well as in the tourism sector. In addition, this particular service can be run independently. The team members of this service can have to perform different types of tasks including welcoming the guests, taking customers’ orders, making the preparations, serving, making bills, and lots of other tasks after leaving the guests. You can get a clear idea from the Food and beverage B2B News.

The services of Food and Beverage Department in a Hotel

The topmost hotels offer wide ranges of food and beverage services to their clients. These are:

  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bar
  • Banquet Service
  • Room Service
  • Lounge
  • Poolside Grill Service or Barbecue
  • Outdoor Catering Service

Structure of F&B Services Department


As the department is mainly responsible for providing a great experience for the customers of the hotel, the structure of this department should be perfect in all aspects. If you follow the Food and beverage B2B News, you may get a clear idea about the structure of the F&B Services Department.

The structure of the department is like the following:

Food & Beverage Service Manager

The post of Food & Beverage Service Manager is vital enough. The service manager is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Ensuring the profit margins attained in every business year out of each division of F&B service.
  • Making a plan of the menus for different service areas consulting with kitchen.
  • Buying necessary equipment and materials for the food and service department.

Assistant Food & Beverage Service Manager

The post of an Assistant Food & Beverage Service Manager is very much important also. In the absence of his or her superior, the assistant manager carries out all responsibilities and tasks of the Food & Beverage Service Manager. You will get to know more about this post by surfing the Food and beverage B2B News.

Restaurant Manager

A Restaurant Manager supervises all the functioning in the restaurant, Such as:

  • Supervises and manages all the functions of the dining room
  • Orders the required materials
  • Keeps the accounts of store and checks the inventory
  • Supervises, trains, grooms, and evaluates the subordinates
  • Prepares the reports of sales and staff
  • Manages budgets
  • Handles every day sales together with the cashiers

Room Service Manager

The duties of a Room Service Manager include−

  • Selects, trains, encourages, and evaluates all the junior staffs
  • Ensuring that cultural values and core standards of F&B department/establishment are met
  • Controls the expenses of the laborers which are spent through arrangement, employment, and planning
  • Handles the complaints of the guests
  • Manages the special desires of the guests

Banquet Manager

According to Food and beverage B2B News, the role of a Banquet Manager is vital enough. The responsibilities of a Banquet Manager are:

  • Makes plan and sets up the services for banquets
  • Forecasts and allocates the budgets for different kinds of events, for instance, meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Attains the sales of foods and beverages
  • Manages the uses of cutlery sets, chinaware, glassware, equipment, and linens
  • Supervises the decorations of banquet hall
  • Handles the complaints of the guests
  • Takes care the special requests of the guests
  • Checks the stock and Purchases required materials or equipment following the proper requisition of the events
  • Follows up every function or event receiving the feedback from the guests and submits it to the Food &Beverage Manager
  • Takes part in departmental conferences
  • Plans and fixes the price of the menus
  • Trains, grooms, and develops the subordinate staffs

Bar Manager

  • The responsibilities of a Bar Manager are:
  • Forecasts the regular flow of clients
  • Allocates the exact number of staff following the presence of the customers
  • Manages and monitors bar-inventory
  • Keeps the selling records of all kinds of drinks
  • Deals the cleaning tasks

Food Safety Supervisor

The Food Safety Supervisor is a trained person who is an expert in recognizing and preventing the risks related to handling food in the business of Food and beverages Services. Food and Beverage B2B News also confirms that a Food Safety Supervisor should hold an FSS certificate which requires not to be old more than five years. He trains and helps the staff to handle food safely.